• Rose, Letters of Love to Life

    A book to relish, treasure and share…


    making sense of your sensing 

  • Rose, Letters of Love to Life

    by Cécile Masson


    When we understand that our body is a beautiful instrument to tune into to make sense of our sensing our lives change in a beautiful way. We discover subtle layers of appreciation and love of nature and relax into life. 

    A Lifelong Journey of Leadership and Stewardship. A remarkable novel on inspiring feminine leadership and deep commitment to environmental preservation. It presents a multifaceted story that resonates with readers who are passionate about leadership, environmentalism, and the intersection of personal responsibility with broader societal and ecological concerns through their individual  journey towards wholeness.


    Rose, Letters of Love to Life, delicately weaves together the threads of a lifetime into a tapestry of leadership, love, and introspection. Within its pages, readers embark on a journey alongside Rose, an elderly matriarch of a family business, as she reflects on her past guided by the letters of her ex-lover.

    Through Rose'sintrospection, the novel beckons us to slow down and reconnect with the essence of our humanity. In questioning traditional leadership norms and our relationship with nature, Rose emerges not only as a leader but as a beacon of authenticity and stewardship.


    Her unwavering love for the diversity of nature and humanity, coupled with a deep spiritual connection,
    becomes the compass guiding her decisions. With each turn of the page, readers witness Rose's evolution as she navigates the complexities of feminine leadership and embraces her role as a guardian of the environment.


    "Rose, Letters ofLove to Life" is more than just a novel; it's a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the pursuit of wholeness. It speaks to those who are
    passionate about leadership, environmentalism, and the profound intersection of personal growth with broader societal and ecological responsibilities.


    In its essence, this novel is an invitation—to reflect, to reconnect, and to embark on our own journey towards a more harmonious existence with the world around us.


    Rose's story serves as a gentle reminder that true leadership begins with compassion, and that our actions ripple far beyond ourselves, shaping the world for generations to come.


  • What the readers say...

    "Cécile your book is to me like a box of chocolates, full of nuggets of wisdom in very subtle and touching ways."

    International Leadership coach based in London

    Just amazing. Truly. I can't think of a really good metaphor so I'll go with that it's like a delicious, rich, dense flourless dark chocolate cake. So rich that I have to savor it slowly. Almost every sentence is a full universe.

    Reader from the US

    You have a wonderfully serene way of capturing the living. It is beautiful.



    Reader from South Africa




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  • What the Readers Say...

    “It makes sense to me to organize my life differently and to enjoy life instead of always working. ROSE gives again meaning to my life.”

    HR Director in a Governmental organisation

    "The impressions you sketch in ROSE letters of love to life remind me of Orlando by Virginia Woolf."

    Dutch Consultant

    "I am halfway through your book and ROSE, letters of love to life reminded me of this book. Thank you for writing it!”

    Expat Dutch living in France

    (The book the reader sent me in appreciation of my novel was The Faithful Gardener by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, the inspirational writer of Women Dancing with the Wolves)

    “Your book touches me deeply. My heart opens and emotions flood me. The story makes me happy and sad at the same time. After reading this book I decided to live my life to the full and to take a year off from my work.”

    Reader from Amsterdam in international executive position

    "Rose .... How incredibly beautiful!

    I was able to enjoy the soft writing style; that style that fits me very well with the things of life that Rose is doing. Her musings in her letters also cause thoughts and reflections for myself. I noticed the attention to the environment and the details. And love just splashes. Softly and with appreciation for the main characters and your writing skills, I kept Rose on my lap. Funny, how authentic Rose comes across…I can "imagine" her. I think of her as a beautiful woman. Well and nicely done Cécile!"

    Director of a governmental climate organisation

    “Dear Cécile, I read Rose. Am still. I suck up all the words. They weave a dance in me. They touch on knowing. So much wisdom, so many memories of life in connection with nature, pain as well, (partly of my own life) withdrawn from the essential basics, the wisdom of the elders. I feel deep admiration for you, for all the wisdom that is woven into this book. What an inner wisdom lives in you! I am on page 108. I continue my reading. Thank you for writing this book!”

    Dutch participant to one of my workshops

    "ROSE, letters of love to life is cup filling."

    Reader posting on FB

    "I get Silvia Plath vibes from it"

    A Dutch student from The Hague

    “Rose as a character stays with me. I read three to six books a week, which I usually forget quickly. Rose got under my skin, she will not let me go.”

    A 70 year+ reader

    "Oh this book... could there be more wisdom, more beauty in one book? Tasting, smelling, beholding every word, every sentence is like a flower, written as poetry. Thank you for writing this book filled with words that seem more relevant than ever right now."

    Solo harpist

    “I have been so emotional since reading it. It has opened up a floodgate tears. It’s so beautiful. It truly is an experience of the senses as I read the letters, I feel as though I am sharing the experiences with her and also there are times I feel she is writing the letters to me. I’m deeply touched and moved by ROSE’s writing. I’m only on page 36 and am looking so forward to continuing the journey of love that Cécile has made possible for us to explore.”

    Woman in management position

    "ROSE, letters of love to life p. 133 “…life is full of treasures if we accept that they might come our way in bewildering forms and unexpected times.” Loving this book! As with all books that come my way it’s taking me months to read and every time I pick it up there is a little gem of a message for me.”

    British reader living in Brussels

    "So nice. The whole book is so nice. You write like you have lived several lives."

    Swedish man (35)

    "I loved your book. It is beautiful and needed and I hope that many will read it."

    Young man from The Netherlands

    “In the meantime I have read Rose … and I enjoyed it! It was a celebration of recognition. Deep bow, and many thanks for bringing Rose into the world.”

    Independent professional

    "It seems like you are writing about me"

    Five women between the age of 20 and 90

    "Pure joy!"

    Leadership coach and mentor from America

    "Rose is more than a book; it is the start of a movement."

    Various readers

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